Screen mirroring

That's too bad, I've used it quite often... Any solution for this, like using a specific app (haven't found any working app yet)?

Screen mirroring

That's too bad, I've used it quite often... Any solution for this, like using a specific app (haven't found any working app yet)? I know that I can buy a Chromecast, but I really don't want to reward Google for dropping Miracast...


  • On my brandnew Nokia 8 (Oreo 8.0.0) the screen mirroring does not work with both my Samsung and Panasonics smart-tv's. Both tv's have built in support for mirroring/Miracast and have worked fine with a number of smartphones (Samsung, Jiayu, LG, HTC). The tv's are simply not recognized as available casting-devices. Does someone have a fix for this?
  • **** seen in other threads Google closes miracast in Android by default. Manufacturer need to enable this in to Work . And Nokia didn do that . They run close to stock Android.
  •  Same here, did not find the TV Device. Please bring a patch to enable it.

  •  I'm quite annoyed by this. Miracast was functionality I wanted in my new Nokia 8 so I looked it up to confirm it had Miracast and as far as this certification is concerned it suggests it does (bottom of page)... so what is gooing on? How and why is the Nokia 8 apparently certified for Miracast when the functionality is not available. Is the certification is a worthless lie or have HMD done a VW and gained the certification on the back of a specially altered device?


  •  Hopefully they did foreget to enable it on TA-1012 with Oreo.

    After some inspectig i think Miracast is working on TA-1004 devices, Mine was a TA-1012.

    I returned this Device and will get a TA-1004 in some Days, so then i can tell more.

  • I just bought the Nokia 8 (TA-1004 Android Oreo 8.1) and it's NOT working with Miracast. Please give me a download link to an app so I can cast my mobil screen. I don't want to bring with me the chromecast every time I visit someone I am unsure on not having a chromecast device. Google is acting just like the big company in Disneys movie Robots ® from 2005. (Let's suck out every nickel from mrs and mr knuckelhead) On a side note My "old" Sony Xperia Z5 Compact and my wifes Samsung Galaxy S7 (Both using Android Oreo 8.0) can use Miracast with no problem!!!

  • Miracast is no longer included with Android and was removed by Google, it isn't the fault of HMD or Nokia and your phone isn't faulty, it is a side effect of having a stock phone with no added bloat.

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    Miracast worked on my Sony Xperia Z2. Please enable this for the Nokia 8, or offer an alternate solution like an app we can download from the play store. I want to mirror my phones screen not just cast videos and pictures which I use my TV app to do.

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    Que porquería, no puedo creer que se laven las manos diciendo que como tiene Android puro no trae miracast una decepción total y lo peor que adquirí un equipo tan caro como lo es el Nokia 8 que pena y mal gasto de dinero a la espera de poder cambiar de dispositivo
  • Try Nero Screening Player, this addfree app does it very well using DLNA as protokol.
    Find it here:
  • Try Nero Streaming Player. This addfree does it very well, using DLNA as protocol.
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